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Whether you want to locate relatives to get in contact with them or find out your ancestry and family tree or locate the beneficiaries of an estate, Find-My-Family.co.uk can help.

Find my Family/Old Friends

Perhaps you want to trace long lost family members or old friends, wondering what happened to them or if they or your nephews or nieces can be contacted. They might even want to stay in touch. Building a family tree may make this possible - that's what a genealogist can do.

Finding Family/Old Friends


Find my client's Family/Old Friends

If you're a solicitor helping clients prepare a will you might want to encourage them to resume contact with relatives or old friends if they've become isolated, particularly if they are in a care home or reliant just on professional carers. Better this happens while they're alive and can enjoy those contacts/relationships rather than at their funeral or when their estate is to be distributed. If they're not easily traced then a genealogist/familyfinder can help.

Finding Family/Old Friends

Find Beneficiaries

If you're a solicitor, executor, estate administrator or trustee trying to locate beneficiaries of wills, estates or financial entitlements, you too may need a genealogist. With a base in the English Midlands, Find-My-Family.co.uk offers a complete identifying and tracing service across the East and West Midlands and further afield by arrangement. If you have been contacted as a possible beneficiary this page provides useful information and client feedback.

Finding Beneficiaries

Find my Family Tree

You may want to find out the history of your family or whether you have interesting ancestors. You may have started to research your family tree but found it difficult, got stuck on part of the tree or just been frustrated by the process. Whether you want a family tree or just a bit of help, you need a genealogist.

Family Trees