About Find-My-Family.co.uk

John Barker is an experienced genealogist with an earlier professional background in family work and social care. He established Find-My-Family.co.uk to apply genealogical expertise to help people find their relatives at the right time for them. John is a member of the Federation of Probate and Asset Researchers which seeks to defend high standards of practice in an unregulated industry.


Find-My-Family.co.uk offers a range of services to help people, or their solicitors, find out who their relatives are and, if required, try to establish contact:

  • Finding Family/Old Friends - Tracing relatives (or old friends) with a view to possible contact or relationships
  • Finding Beneficiaries - Identifying and locating beneficiaries of wills, estates or other legal/financial entitlements
  • Family Trees - Researching and preparing family trees and family histories


Currently many relatives live their whole lives apart or are only reunited when -

  • there is a funeral of a family member/old friend or
  • they are told they benefit from a will or the estate of someone who left no will.

Meanwhile, many older people particularly (but also younger people who lost contact in childhood) find they have no contact with family members or formerly close friends and have no easy way to get in contact. For some, it could be a great benefit to be able to make contact with members of their wider family or long lost chums while they are alive. For those who are now without close family members or later in life, are isolated in care or nursing homes, this might be especially welcome.

With people living longer, greater geographical mobility and smaller but more varied families, it is increasingly common for busy people to lose touch. As the majority of people do not leave wills or maintain up-to-date contact details for financial policy beneficiaries an increasing number of potential beneficiaries are not easily identified or located.

However, with good access to telephones and the increasing use of the internet by older people, it is now much easier to maintain relationships when face-to-face contact is hard due to distance, cost or mobility difficulties. If only you could get in contact.

So, whether to benefit from contact/relationships or ensure your estate goes to the right people it makes sense to -

  • maintain an up-to-date will AND
  • consider the benefit of making contact with family and old friends.