Finding Family/Old Friends

You want to try to get in touch with or find out what happened to long lost family or old friends but you don't know where they are now. This may well be possible through genealogical research if you remember the names of some of their family members and where they used to live.

  • Stage 1: Telephone or email discussion to assess whether there may be enough information (No charge)
  • Stage 2: Investigation to try and identify the person's whereabouts or what happened to them (for an agreed fee)

"I would recommend this service to anyone. My dad, who I haven't seen for fifty years, and I write emails to each other at least twice a day and there is so much to catch up on. My hunch that I might actually have a brother was also true and he now calls me 'sis'. I told my children that their grandad was still alive on the eve of my daughters marriage and I had found my dad at last - very much like the movie Mama Mia!!!!! It is like a fairy tale come true!!!!! Thanks for all your help."
SC, Queensland, Australia

"I got to speak with (my two half-sisters) yesterday morning. Both it seems, wanted to have a relationship with me, for which I am extremely grateful. They have never seen a picture of their Dad, so I scanned some over to them. I am truly grateful for all your efforts. Apparently I have some cousins (in Canada) still alive. Maybe I will be able to connect with them through my sisters."
GB, New York, USA

More feedback from clients in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and England

  • Stage 3: contact the relative/old friend (if you wish) to find out if they are prepared to have contact with you and only if they are:
  • Stage 4: Enabling contact (if required by you and/or the relative/friend). (Fees and expenses to be agreed in advance)

It needs to be borne in mind that it may not be a good time for your relatives or old friends to resume contact so there can be no guarantee that they will agree to have their contact details revealed to you.

If adoption is the reason for your interest you should first make contact with a specialist organisation which can provide you with the necessary support. A list of organisations with advisors and general advice is available at If you were adopted and have obtained your original birth certificate, received supported access to your adoption records and help from official Intermediary Services but have still been unable to trace your parent(s) or siblings, we may be able to help.