Finding Family/Old Friends

"Thank you once more for all your wonderful work." (Locating cousins in England and Australia)
BS, Tasmania

"They are in touch with each other. Mum is thrilled to have reconnected with her English family...she is happy to correspond with the two sets of cousins you found for her."
MG, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

"I have contacted (my cousins in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and they were very happy to hear from me. I hope to visit them very soon. Thank you for your assistance."
VS, South Africa

"I have been in contact with (my two cousins you located). Once again thank you for all your hard work."
MC, Warrington

"I chose Find-My-Family because it appeared to be a legitimate agency. Paying someone you do not them permission to access certificates and seeking .. sensitive information is extremely serious business. ..costing was broken down into parts and .. certificates forwarded in a timely manner which gave me confidence to proceed further.
John...used his personal skills to make the connection a smooth one for families on both sides. I would recommend this service to anyone. My dad, who I haven't seen for fifty years, and I write emails to each other at least twice a day and there is so much to catch up on. My hunch that I might actually have a brother was also true and he now calls me 'sis'. I told my children that their grandad was still alive on the eve of my daughters marriage and I had found my dad at last - very much like the movie Mama Mia!!!!! It is like a fairy tale come true!!!!! Thanks for all your help."

SC, Queensland, Australia

"Been busy since absorbing all your research last Friday. Thank you so much for re-starting my search and coming up with such a bull's eye! I should never have thought of it - amazing that so much information is retained. But it has been really good to know a little more about what happened to him."
CN, Gloucestershire

"Thank you very much for pointing us in the right I didn't have a clue where to start."
PJ, West Sussex