More client feedback - Family Trees/Family History

"We were very pleased with the family trees, especially considering the short time available. My brother-in-law was thrilled with his birthday present."
SS, Warwickshire

"Mum is up here with me looking over the Family Tree. She says to Thank you very much for everything you have done. She is a bit blown away by how far her Cockney roots go back. It is just lovely to have the family tree."
KW-J, Tasmania

"Thank you so much for all your help and it has been a pleasure working with you (on my family tree research)."
KS, New York

"Many thanks for your research so far, it has exceeded my expectations."
"... how pleasantly surprised I was when you even went to the trouble of researching the history of the region which changed the lives of my ancestors." "Thank you for your help and research into our family history....It has provided us with a better insight into our late father's heritage."

NK, Western Australia

"What a fantastic response! Truly impressed, thanks so much."
RD, Asia

"Your help was invaluable - don't think I would have got over that stumbling block myself."
CN, Gloucestershire