More client feedback - Finding Beneficiaries

From a Church magazine: "If my genealogist was astute on account of his sensitivity and experience, he was also kind and understanding and judged I was ready to cope, philosophically and emotionally.....I have wondered all my life what it would be like to have a brother or sister and here was ... a brother I never knew! He died without ever marrying or having children; he left no will. I am his heir."
RS, Solihull

"Many thanks for the cheque. Your service has been very good. The care you have shown has been very impressive."
SN Eastleigh, Hampshire

"Right from the first contact John had with me by phone from UK he has been informative and professional in every way possible. It came as a great surprise to me to know that I was to inherit part of this estate. John has provided me with the family tree which I am most happy to receive, especially as previously I had so little information about my family. I can't thank you enough."
EL-S, Rotorua, New Zealand

"Thanks again for your hard work and for the copy of the family tree that has proved very interesting."
PM, Leeds

"Thanks again for everything, you have been so helpful, it has been such a pleasure to deal with you."
FB, South Africa

"Having previously been approached by an 'heirhunter' who had wanted me to sign up without disclosing who she was researching, I found Find-My-Family's approach more courteous and appealing. It's been a pleasure dealing with Find-My-Family."
GL, Henfield, West Sussex

"Thanks for your hard work, for finding me.. what you have done for us. I'd recommend you any time."
JP, Romford

"Thank you for a prompt and efficient service at what must have been a very time-consuming case."
DB Stockton-on-Tees

"Very impressed with your approach and personal service from the initial contact to receiving the cheque. Many thanks."
AB, Narborough, Leicester

"Very professional. Thank you. Without you I would never have known that (my relative) ever existed and it is now possible for us to make contact with other relatives and they with us."
FF, Ontario, Canada